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  • £ 1.29 per day

    3 month subscription

    Trial a 3 month opportunity to put the spark back in your relationship or just try something new! The cost is less than £1.29 a day are you or you partner worth that? If not we can also recommend amazing relationship councillors or if that doesn’t work we have a list of divorce lawyers. Lets be serious for a moment we have all forgotten how important our partner is, chosen to take them for granted or just forgotten why we fell in love with them well we at Pride and Passion believe everyone deserves the opportunity to regain the spark that got you together and if we can help then please let us. See you soon and enjoy!.

    £38.70 per month


    months trial

  • £ 1.17 per day

    12 month subscription

    A Full 12 month Subscription: The complete package totally flexible controlled by you and specific to not only sexual orientation but age and ability, this package offers complete peace of mind and value for money prices starting from as little as £34.99 a month.

    £34.99 per month


    months full

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