Drinking Games (7)

  • A cool variation of the extremely popular Beer Pong game! Players try to land their mini ping-pong balls into the opponent?s glasses. If a player is successful, his opponent must drink the contents of that shot glass. The winner is the first one to empty his opponent?s shot glasses.

  • Players take turns rolling the dice and assigning drinks per each roll. When a combination of mugs and arrows are rolled, the roller assigns the drink dice in the direction the arrows point, If all arrows are rolled then the roller may assign drinks for the rest of the round! Roll all mugs and everyone but the roller must finish their drinks!

  • Because maths is more fun after you’ve had a few. Form a SudoDRINKu puzzle with the numbers 1-9, then flip over tiles two at a time. Follow the drinking rule that is revealed. You may perform a gesture for other players to imitate, assign two drinks to the other player of your choice, makeup your own rules and much more. Whoever does not make the winning...

  • This coffin-shaped shot glass set is sure to Knock ?Em Dead at your next party. With this set you can play four entertaining drinking games: Shot Glass Pong, Flip a Shot, Spin the Bottle, and 3-Man.

  • This colorful array of 6 shooters shaped like test tubes will be a certain hit at your next party.

  • Four fun acetate shooters shaped like common chemistry measurement glasses! Perfect for accurately mixing delicious concoctions!

  • Three festive Christmas shooters, perfect for livening up the holiday spirit! Makes a perfect stocking-stuffer!

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